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The Camp
Original title: El campamento

The Camp

Original title: El campamento

Ten young influencers, a camp, and a body in strange circumstances: the new thriller by Blue Jeans.

Ten of the most promising influencers in the country, all of them under twenty-three, are invited to a camp in the Pyrenees. They’ve been chosen from a list of a hundred young people by Fernando Godoy, one of the richest and most powerful men in Spain, who wants to pour his fortune into one of them. In that idyllic setting, in the middle of nature and without a sign of civilization for thirty miles around, they’ll be trained and prepared for three weeks by major personalities from the world of music, sports, internet, business, and publicity. There’s only one condition: they can’t use their cellphones or the internet during their stay. Still, what had seemed like a bucolic experience takes a hundred-and-eighty-degree turn on the second Friday, when one girl dies in strange circumstances. After that, everything will change and more and more unexpected incidents will occur.

Rights sold

Hachette (France), DeA Planeta Libri (Italy), Alma Littera (Lithuania).  

Option publishers

DeA Planeta (Italy), Beijing White Horse Time Culture (China), Adamantan (Poland), RAO (Romania).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 472 pages | ISBN: 978-950-49-7355-3 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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